Whether you or your loved one require round-the-clock assistance or just a few hours of support each day, Senior Helpers Canada is here to meet your care needs. Our services are designed to be adaptable and tailored specifically to your requirements, offering a personalized senior care plan that can combine aspects of any of our service offerings.

At Senior Helpers Canada, we take pride in our team of professional, compassionate, and service-oriented individuals who are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of care to our clients and their families.

Upon reaching out to a local Senior Helpers, we arrange for a complimentary initial assessment at the client's residence to evaluate their needs and develop a customized care plan. This thorough assessment serves as the foundation for selecting the most suitable caregiver for our clients during our caregiver matching process.

Once services commence on a predetermined date, we maintain regular communication with the family and conduct follow-up assessments periodically to ensure the level of care provided meets the client's needs and expectations.

Our range of services includes but is not limited to: