Be Part of the Team

Be Part of the Team

Setting a new standard of care and customer service for our industry.

Join the Proven Team with a Proven Franchise System

You are not on your own when you open a new senior home care business. Senior Helpers franchisees are surrounded by a world-class team in both Canada and the United States that has helped hundreds of franchisees get started and operate their businesses. Our executive team provides leadership and support to our franchise community while embracing our company core values and vision to be your community’s leading home care company, setting a new standard of care and customer service for our industry. We will walk you through a proven senior care franchise system through which so many of your peers are enjoying success. From training and ongoing support to marketing and sales support, Senior Helpers invests in you as you invest in your in-home care business. 

Senior Helpers Canada & United States Franchise Support Teams

The leadership teams of Senior Helpers in Canada and the United States work together to provide unwavering support to franchisees and drive innovation in the senior care sector across North America. By leveraging their collective expertise and resources, they cultivate a culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, ensuring that franchisees on both sides of the border have access to the latest tools, best practices, and training programs. Together, they identify emerging trends, address challenges, and capitalize on opportunities to enhance the quality of care and services offered to seniors and their families. Their commitment to teamwork and innovation not only strengthens the Senior Helpers brand but also reinforces its position as a leader in the evolving landscape of senior care.